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Set Goals and Stay Motivated When Running

Looking after yourself has never been easier than it is today. From specialists on television advising us on what to eat to online reviews of the very best courses and equipment available; in today’s age of technology, there’s no excuse not to embrace every advantage you can get when breaking a sweat. Staying motivated is often the key to success, and when you’re out pounding the streets or hitting woodland tracks on a run, music can provide the backbeat you need to keep those legs moving.

Slim? Good looking? Powerful? It’s no wonder the iPod Nano has become the media player of choice for runners and joggers worldwide. The sleek, lightweight and sturdy design reflects the ethos of this healthy past-time perfectly and has been embraced by runners at all levels, and here’s why…

Introduced in 2005, the crystal clear QVGA display, “click-wheel” function and minuscule proportions compared to its big brother, the iPod Classic, gave the iPod Nano the advantage of appealing to athletes who were looking for a smaller, lighter version of the Classic, and preferably at a smaller cost. Now in its 5th generation and able to store up to 16GB (or around 3500 songs), the Nano has realised its growing market amongst runners and incorporated an in-built pedometer, after sales of plug-in pedometers and other ‘running’ accessories proved popular.

In 2006 Apple teamed up with the equally innovative and forward-thinking Nike, to produce a product that worked with the iPod Nano to aid and motivate runners – the Nike + iPod Sports Kit. The system, which includes a chip to put inside the running shoe and a receiver that connects to the runner’s iPod, helps the runner plan routes, set targets and monitor ‘live’ how many calories they’ve burnt and steps they’ve travelled. With an online resource which allowed users to upload running maps and even playlists automatically synched to their pace of running, the product was again a sure-fire success.

Coupled with an iPod Nano Sports Armband so runners don’t have to carry anything in their pockets, and also a Nike Watch Remote which allows them to change tracks easily, the iPod Nano has become the runner’s best friend. Seamlessly bridging the gap between health, technology and entertainment, the streamline media player has enjoyed continued success amongst Apple fans despite several new generation iPods hitting the shelves in the years since. Though some may hold more songs, more films and have a bigger, clearer screen, it seems that the iPod Nano could remain on top as the thinking runner’s media player of choice.