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How to Choose the Best Sports Headphones

If you wish to listen to your music while playing, you have to invest in a great pair of sports head phones. The advantages with sports headphones, is that they are designed to stay in place when you are working out and they are also very solid. A quick tip, when choosing sports head phones, make sure they are sweat proof and of course provide high quality sound.

A good pair of sports head phones is an important part of working out, particularly if you like to run or are playing with a lot of movement. The headphones that come with your iPod or mp3 player do not provide the best fit and they can move when you are exercising. They also may not be sweat resistance and the sound quality is not high. If you are going to the gym you will need a pair of headphones.

A good set of sports head phones is the Nike Aero Sport head-phones. These headphones will stay put during any activity, are easy to clean and are sweat proof. Though, one criticism is that with prolonged used, these head-phones don’t deliver the best music and can be a little uncomfortable as they are made of plastic. The cord will also stay out of your way as it easily stays behind your arms. If you are looking for an inexpensive pair of headphones that will last then these is a good choice.

For runners, the Sennheiser MX85 headphones may be the answer to cord wrangling and ear buds that won’t fall out. The fit is more comfortable than most, especially for individuals with smaller ears. These come with different pieces to adjust the size to fit almost anyone. These are highly sweat resistant and don’t fall out as readily as other earbuds.

The Sony MDR-AS50G is a well designed sports head phones for a good price. They have great sound quality and have outstanding fit. The only down side is that they do stick out of your ears a bit so they can be hard to conceal with your hair. These head phones fit so well that you do not need the band to loop over the ears for the headphones to stay in place and they are very comfortable to wear.

You can obtain blue tooth sports head phones from Jaybird with their latest Jaybird JB-100 Bluetooth stereo headphones. These are outstanding headphones and unlike many Bluetooth devices they do not drop out. They have over the ear mounts and are an in ear, ear bud design. Regrettably these headphones can be pricey and they don’t have the best volume control. The bass response is also limited and the fit can be hard depending on the person. These headphones can be adapted to be used for iPod and other mp3 players.

One alternative for Sports head phones that are well designed is the Arriva headphones. The cord is placed down the back of the head and it stays out of the way all the time. Though if you would like outstanding sound quality then it is recommended that you go for one of their higher models as the sound quality is not the best at the cheaper end.