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Running Watches Which Manufacturer?

Each running watch maker offers something unique, which is why your choice of manufacturers is important. With each manufacturer offering a a different style of watch, choosing the one that suits you best will have an impact on how enjoyable an experience your future training is.

If you are purchasing an expensive running watch you will do well to spend some time examining your options closely. For instance, you can learn a lot by visiting the Amazon website and searching for the most popular makes of sports running watches. Reading lengthy product descriptions and taking in the customer reviews given by people who have purchased and had some experience with the particular time-piece you are considering purchasing can give you some valuable insight into how suitable a given watch is likely to be.

Amazon offers a lot of options for tracking down the best deals and they stock almost every product, making them an even more valuable resource, however many products have vague reviews entered into the Amazon database, in which case you might need to do some additional searching on other internet sites.

As a general rule of thumb, the best choices for runners come from Timex, Garmin, Polar and Suunto. There are also some good offerings from companies like Nike, Adidas and New Balance, but these are shoe companies and tend to not offer the level of sophistication as the timepieces of specialised sports watch companies.

Timex tends to offer the easiest watches to use, whereas the others have a steeper learning curve (a learning curve that can well and truly pay off if you invest the time). Polar and Suunto offer some of the most sophisticated running and sports watches you will find. Some models will even produce a customized training program that you can follow and receive regular progress reports on.

Garmin watches are designed exclusively as GPS watches and fully deliver in this niche. Unlike the other manufacturers, Garmin’s GPS watches are one-piece meaning you can just wear it and be off on your run. Other watch manufacturers require you to attach a cumbersome external GPS device to your body. Garmin’s Forerunner series of running sports watches offers you a lot of memory to record past sessions and just about every conceivable feature a runner could want.