Nike And IPod Working Together

What is the hot music playing item on the market right now? The iPod. What is one of the top sportswear companies? Nike. What do these two answers have in common?

Nike and Apple are working together to introduce the Nike + iPod. All you need is a pair of Nike+ shoes, and iPod nano, and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. How does it work though? Below are the three steps to using the Nike + iPod Sport Kit:

Step 1- To begin, place the sensor in your left Nike+ shoe. This is easy as there is a built-in pocket beneath the insole. This sensor can stay in the shoe even if you are not working out, so don’t worry about having to take it out after your done working out.

Step 2- Once the sensor is in your shoe, you now need to attach the receiver to your iPod nano. Put the receiver into the Dock connector on the bottom of the iPod right next to the headphone jack.

Step 3- The final step is to begin running. You will now be able to hear voice feedback, Nike Sport Music content, and all of your songs of your iPod nano.

The sensor that is in your shoe and the receiver on your iPod nano allow you to see how long you have been running, how far you have been going, and what your pace is.

If that is enough you are able to sync your results onto your computer. When you connect your iPod nano to your Mac or PC it ill automatically sync your workout data to both iTunes and From here you are able to see your runs, set goals, and challenge all your friends.

These new features will allow you to analyze your performance. Set goals, break records, keep track of everything. keeps stats on every step. You are able to check your speed, distance, and calories burned. You can sort all the data by run, week, or month. All of this data is easily viewable from a graphical interface as intuitive as it is stunning. also keeps you connected with runners all over the world. You are able to challenge anyone, anywhere, to a virtual race. All you have to do is upload your run stats online and you are able to race on your own time and turf.

Nike and Apple working together bring together two powerful companies in the world of teens and sportswear to create a product that is truly amazing.