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Ways to Save on Running Gear

Running shouldn’t cost a fortune, yet everywhere we look there’s a pricey accessory guaranteed to make your run easier. While some things such as Nikes might be considered a necessity, often it’s all about the brand, style, or latest fashion. Here are some tips to keep your running expenses at a minimum and still have a healthy, safe run:

Make a list of your bare necessities. For example, good shoes are a must if you want to avoid injuries and make the best time, but fashion trends such as yoga pants are a want, not a need. Keep in mind that if you’re serious about running your comfort zone won’t change but the fashions will, so resist buying clothes for looks instead of practicality.

Don’t impulse buy. If you fall in love with the latest electronic accessory wait a few days or weeks before you purchase and decide if you really want it and if you’ll use it regularly. When you’re ready to buy first check a site such as Groupon to get additional discounts and coupons from retailers such as PacSun to lower your cost before you check out.

Consider shopping at a resale or consignment store for clothing items. Often you can find exactly what you need in a new or gently used version, at a fraction of the original price.

The same goes for electronics: check your neighborhood for a used sports shop and see if they have that fancy counter you’ve been dreaming of. You may find exactly what you want because someone is selling a Christmas gift they’ve never used.

Buy one piece at a time. Sure it’s great to have a running wardrobe that will last enough days so you only have to do laundry once a week, but you don’t need to buy it all at once. Consider purchasing one or two items a week or a month, and you’ll be fully outfitted before you know it.

Remember, if you’re a serious runner you’ll need the proper shoes but that’s about it. A simple pedometer will give you your time and distance; everything else is really a luxury rather than a necessity. Think before you buy, and have a great run!

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A Scope Definitely Improves Accuracy

I like to shoot targets and varmints in my backyard. To make it more challenging I use an air rifle instead of an actual rifle. I recently investigated air rifle scopes as a way to improve my aim. Largely it is due to my age and my declining eyesight. I noticed I wasn’t hitting my targets as well, and trying to hit a squirrel or a praire dog was next to impossible! They’re quick little critters and you really need to steady your aim to hit one. Before anyone makes noises about shooting these creatures, down here in Texas they are pests.

If you don’t take these animals down, they cause all sorts of damage to your property and will eventually ruin a lawn. Everyone down here hunts these critters. For the last six months I wasn’t hitting any of them, so you can imagine what my property started to look like. Continue reading

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James Gordon Brown and Nike Shoes


Seeing the title, you may puzzle what on earth is the relationship between James Gordon Brown and Nike shoes. As is known all, James Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Labour party. And Nike is the most famous sports shoes manufacturer worldwide.

And people are more and more concerned about running to build up a strong body. So is the Prime Minster, Brown. It is said that Brown had running for several weeks to get ready for the coming elections. How unbelievable. According to the report, after a running for a lap, his attendants will check the time for him to figure out whether Brown has increased his speed or not. And the result is that it took Brown about ten minuets to finish 1600 meters.

There is one more interesting detail that attracts media’s attention: the sports shoes Brown worn is a fresh new Nike air max shoes without any use of trace. And according to the professional Nike expert analysis, the Nike shoes style is at least five years ago.

In 2010, United Kingdom will hold a new round of parliamentary elections, who will be the next Prime Minister?

The recent survey shows that the support of labour party is a little bit lower than conservative party. In other word, Brown will have a great difficulty to remain in office. As a matter of fact, Brown’s rival David Cameron was always on newspaper for running, thus, what is the intention of Brown’s behavior, merely for body building or election, who knows.

A History of Nike

For over fifty years, Nike has been one of the best-known and most respected footwear companies of all time, specializing in sports and running shoes. But, like most companies, they started small.

In 1964, Nike was founded by track-and-field athlete Phillip Knight, looking for a way to earn a living. The business, originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, got their start selling Tiger running shoes, imported from the Onitsuka company in Japan. They made most of their sales out of their car after track meets. He was soon joined in this venture by his track coach, Bill Bowerman, who was looking for higher quality track shoes for his athletes.

The Tigers sold quickly, and the company burgeoned, soon hiring full-time employees and opening their first location. By 1971, Blue Ribbon Sports had made over a million dollars, and was ready to move out on its own. Their first original shoe was dubbed the Nike, named after the Greek goddess of victory. It was also the first to feature Nike’s famous trademark “swoosh,” designed by Carolyn Davidson. Interestingly enough, Knight didn’t originally care for the symbol, saying, “I don’t love it, but it will grow on me.”

Nike’s first self-designed shoe was the waffle-soled Moon shoe, debuting in 1972. While looking for a new sole that would get better grip on urethane tracks, Bowerman found inspiration in the household waffle iron, and used it to mold the first sole. Other early innovations by Nike included a nylon-topped running shoe, and a cushioned midsole that covered the whole length of the shoe.

By 1978, Blue Ribbon Sports officially changed it’s company name to Nike, and sales were booming. Sales reached 270 million dollars, and had fully half of the running and sports shoe market in the US by 1980, going public the same year. Nike aggressively pushed their image, especially seeking to increase their visibility by having famous and upcoming athletes wear Nikes shoes.

Nike’s success can also be partly attributed to the running, jogging and fitness craze that swept the nation. By the time these activities began to decline in popularity, the company was already spreading to other areas such as basketball, though their running shoes remained popular. The famous air cushioning device also made it’s debut around this time.

In 1983, the company met declines, and was forced to make structuring changes and layoffs over the next few years. In 1985, Nike launched it’s Air Jordans line with legend Michael Jordan endorsing. Over the next few years, it was the innovate Air series that saw Nike pull through. Nike continued its domination well through the ’90’s, cementing its place in the business.

How to Choose the Best Sports Headphones

If you wish to listen to your music while playing, you have to invest in a great pair of sports head phones. The advantages with sports headphones, is that they are designed to stay in place when you are working out and they are also very solid. A quick tip, when choosing sports head phones, make sure they are sweat proof and of course provide high quality sound.

A good pair of sports head phones is an important part of working out, particularly if you like to run or are playing with a lot of movement. The headphones that come with your iPod or mp3 player do not provide the best fit and they can move when you are exercising. They also may not be sweat resistance and the sound quality is not high. If you are going to the gym you will need a pair of headphones.

A good set of sports head phones is the Nike Aero Sport head-phones. These headphones will stay put during any activity, are easy to clean and are sweat proof. Though, one criticism is that with prolonged used, these head-phones don’t deliver the best music and can be a little uncomfortable as they are made of plastic. The cord will also stay out of your way as it easily stays behind your arms. If you are looking for an inexpensive pair of headphones that will last then these is a good choice.

For runners, the Sennheiser MX85 headphones may be the answer to cord wrangling and ear buds that won’t fall out. The fit is more comfortable than most, especially for individuals with smaller ears. These come with different pieces to adjust the size to fit almost anyone. These are highly sweat resistant and don’t fall out as readily as other earbuds.

The Sony MDR-AS50G is a well designed sports head phones for a good price. They have great sound quality and have outstanding fit. The only down side is that they do stick out of your ears a bit so they can be hard to conceal with your hair. These head phones fit so well that you do not need the band to loop over the ears for the headphones to stay in place and they are very comfortable to wear.

You can obtain blue tooth sports head phones from Jaybird with their latest Jaybird JB-100 Bluetooth stereo headphones. These are outstanding headphones and unlike many Bluetooth devices they do not drop out. They have over the ear mounts and are an in ear, ear bud design. Regrettably these headphones can be pricey and they don’t have the best volume control. The bass response is also limited and the fit can be hard depending on the person. These headphones can be adapted to be used for iPod and other mp3 players.

One alternative for Sports head phones that are well designed is the Arriva headphones. The cord is placed down the back of the head and it stays out of the way all the time. Though if you would like outstanding sound quality then it is recommended that you go for one of their higher models as the sound quality is not the best at the cheaper end.

Running Watches Which Manufacturer?

Each running watch maker offers something unique, which is why your choice of manufacturers is important. With each manufacturer offering a a different style of watch, choosing the one that suits you best will have an impact on how enjoyable an experience your future training is.

If you are purchasing an expensive running watch you will do well to spend some time examining your options closely. For instance, you can learn a lot by visiting the Amazon website and searching for the most popular makes of sports running watches. Reading lengthy product descriptions and taking in the customer reviews given by people who have purchased and had some experience with the particular time-piece you are considering purchasing can give you some valuable insight into how suitable a given watch is likely to be.

Amazon offers a lot of options for tracking down the best deals and they stock almost every product, making them an even more valuable resource, however many products have vague reviews entered into the Amazon database, in which case you might need to do some additional searching on other internet sites.

As a general rule of thumb, the best choices for runners come from Timex, Garmin, Polar and Suunto. There are also some good offerings from companies like Nike, Adidas and New Balance, but these are shoe companies and tend to not offer the level of sophistication as the timepieces of specialised sports watch companies.

Timex tends to offer the easiest watches to use, whereas the others have a steeper learning curve (a learning curve that can well and truly pay off if you invest the time). Polar and Suunto offer some of the most sophisticated running and sports watches you will find. Some models will even produce a customized training program that you can follow and receive regular progress reports on.

Garmin watches are designed exclusively as GPS watches and fully deliver in this niche. Unlike the other manufacturers, Garmin’s GPS watches are one-piece meaning you can just wear it and be off on your run. Other watch manufacturers require you to attach a cumbersome external GPS device to your body. Garmin’s Forerunner series of running sports watches offers you a lot of memory to record past sessions and just about every conceivable feature a runner could want.

Best Rated Running Shoes For Women

The Best Rated Shoes for Women that Run Short Distances

Winner: Nike

Running short distances or sprinting has many requirements from a sports shoe, but none is more important than it being lightweight and this is because heavier shoes with huge amounts of padding are unnecessary for short distances. Heavy padding often makes a running shoe rigid and weighty which can easily take a slight edge off your performance. This can sometimes makes all of the difference when you are only running a short distance.

With Nike being one of the world’s biggest sportswear company means they invest huge sums of money into making the lightest and most performance enhancing running shoes on the market. One of their notable technologies, Flywire has not only made Nike women’s running shoes one of the very lightest shoes around, but it has also made them one of the few most durable shoes available on the market .

The Best Rated Shoes for Women that Run Long Distances

Winner: Brooks

Long distance running requires shoes that are comfortable. Running mile after mile every day is not much fun if your feet are uncomfortable and your shoes are rubbing against your skin for long periods of time often leading to bruises and blisters. This is unfortunate, but often, it is these side effects of running long distance which can sometimes turn an enjoyable run into a chore for some runners.

In our tests we found Brooks running shoes to be the most comfortable. This is because Brooks women’s running shoes are primarily designed for long distance runners. They are also biomechanically engineered to provide extra comfort for those runners covering extremely long distances

Choosing Running Gear


Choosing suitable running shoes is the most critical task before embarking on your running journey. When I first started running, after overcoming the unavoidable stitches in the first few weeks, I began feeling dull pain at the front of the lower leg. My personal trainer told me I had shin splint and advised me to see a physiotherapist who told me I needed custom made orthotics in my shoes because I have flat feet. He explained that because I am flat-footed, I most likely over-pronate, meaning my feet roll inward toward the center of the body when I run.  Therefore I also need to buy running shoes that will help maintain stability, that means I should look for words such as ‘solidity control’ or ‘action control’ in the shoes features. I also was told certain brands such as Brooks or Asics were performing better than others. Personally I have had Brooks shoes for the last few years and I have never had shin splint ever since.

As for people with high-arched feet, they most likely under-pronate, or supinate meaning their feet will tend to roll outwards away from the body as they run.  They will need to look for shoes that will absorb a lot of shock, that means checking for keywords like cushioned or flexible in their description.

For lucky people with neutral feet which are the least prone to injury, almost any running shoe will do.

In all cases, the shoes should be tested to see if they are comfortable and not too tight or too loose. Another thing to keep in mind is to replace your shoes when you notice uneven wear in the soles of the shoes, usually after 1-2 years depending on how frequent you run.


I think choosing suitable running clothes is the second most important thing to do to ensure you have an enjoyable running experience. You do not want to feel all wet and sticky in your clothes when running. Personally I always look for Nike Dri-Fit clothes since they are most comfortable to wear and they fit me very well. If you are a tennis fan, you would know that Serena Williams loves Nike clothes as well. They are also long lasting since I have been wearing this Nike singlet for the last 5 years and I expect it could last another few years as well. You also could look for names such as Coolmax and Dri-Weave. They all mean that the fabric has the ability to draw sweat away from the skin to the outside of the fabric.


The next task on the list is choosing suitable socks. You do not want your feet blistered after a few runs. I have been wearing Thorlos socks and in my opinion, they provide the best insulation and cushioning. Although they are pricey, they can last for a number of years. You may also look for names such as Coolmax, Dri-Weave, or Dri-Fit.

Cap and sunglasses:

Last but not least, cap and sunglasses as well as sunscreen are essential when you are running under the sun. I also find Nike Dri-Fit cap very comfortable to wear since I do not feel sweat sticking to my scalp when running. Sport sunglasses help to avoid the glaring of the sun and prevent sweat running into your eyes. Sunscreen is also a must if you do not want a batch of freckles to appear on your face after a run.

Set Goals and Stay Motivated When Running

Looking after yourself has never been easier than it is today. From specialists on television advising us on what to eat to online reviews of the very best courses and equipment available; in today’s age of technology, there’s no excuse not to embrace every advantage you can get when breaking a sweat. Staying motivated is often the key to success, and when you’re out pounding the streets or hitting woodland tracks on a run, music can provide the backbeat you need to keep those legs moving.

Slim? Good looking? Powerful? It’s no wonder the iPod Nano has become the media player of choice for runners and joggers worldwide. The sleek, lightweight and sturdy design reflects the ethos of this healthy past-time perfectly and has been embraced by runners at all levels, and here’s why…

Introduced in 2005, the crystal clear QVGA display, “click-wheel” function and minuscule proportions compared to its big brother, the iPod Classic, gave the iPod Nano the advantage of appealing to athletes who were looking for a smaller, lighter version of the Classic, and preferably at a smaller cost. Now in its 5th generation and able to store up to 16GB (or around 3500 songs), the Nano has realised its growing market amongst runners and incorporated an in-built pedometer, after sales of plug-in pedometers and other ‘running’ accessories proved popular.

In 2006 Apple teamed up with the equally innovative and forward-thinking Nike, to produce a product that worked with the iPod Nano to aid and motivate runners – the Nike + iPod Sports Kit. The system, which includes a chip to put inside the running shoe and a receiver that connects to the runner’s iPod, helps the runner plan routes, set targets and monitor ‘live’ how many calories they’ve burnt and steps they’ve travelled. With an online resource which allowed users to upload running maps and even playlists automatically synched to their pace of running, the product was again a sure-fire success.

Coupled with an iPod Nano Sports Armband so runners don’t have to carry anything in their pockets, and also a Nike Watch Remote which allows them to change tracks easily, the iPod Nano has become the runner’s best friend. Seamlessly bridging the gap between health, technology and entertainment, the streamline media player has enjoyed continued success amongst Apple fans despite several new generation iPods hitting the shelves in the years since. Though some may hold more songs, more films and have a bigger, clearer screen, it seems that the iPod Nano could remain on top as the thinking runner’s media player of choice.

One of the Best Running Shoes Ever Made

The Nike Lunartrainer is one of the most popular running shoes available. It is not only comfortable, but also extremely light. Nike was able to accomplish this with use them a host of innovative and groundbreaking technology. This article will look at the different technology that can be found in the Nike Lunar Trainer shoes. It will look at how these technologies work together to make the shoes better and the main reasons as to why they were used.

When it comes to athletic shoes, Nike leads the way. They have released products that bring more comfort, enhance abilities and are really good. The Nike Lunar Trainers are one such shoe that has changed the running world.

When it comes to the creation of the Nike Lunartrainer+, there are different technologies that were used to make the shoe one of the best on the market. The three technologies that can be found in the shoe are Lunarlite, Flywire and Nike+.

Lunar Lite – All Lunar Trainers contain LunarLite foam. This foam can be found at the bottom of the shoes and it is 30% lighter than standard Phylon. This means that the shoe will be light, very light and it will also have a nice cushioning to it that makes it springy. Generally in Nike shoes that use this foam, the LunarLite is often encased in a Phylon or Phylite midsole.

LunarLite was created by Nike and the aim of this particular foam is to provide soft cushioning. This cushioning would be soft, but not to the point where it felt mushy. The foam works by taking the force that is generated when running and distributing it evenly throughout the foam. The end result of this is that when running it will be less painful and more comfortable.

Flywire – Flywire can be found in Nike Lunar Trainer+. This technology is often used to provide comfort as well as ultra-lightweight support to individuals. Flywire gets its strength from Nylon fibers that are placed advantageously in the upper part of the shoe. The placement of the Flywire is done to ensure that the foot is held in place securely. It is also included so as the runner does not slip while they are running. Nike has added Flywire only where it is needed. As a result of this, the weight of the shoe is drastically reduced.

Nike+ – Nike+ is for the athlete who wants to listen to music, while at the same time be aware of their outpu while running, can use this device. It works where a special sensor is placed into the left heel of the Nike Lunar Trainer. From here the device is able to send back wireless signals to a Nike+ SportBand or an iPod® nano and Nike + iPod Sport Kit. This sensor inside the shoe is able to record information while the individual runs. This information ranges from distance, calories burned, pace and time elapsed. This information is sent to the Nike+ device and all of this will become audible to the runner.