Bringing Fitness and Music Together!

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how many calories you have burned while power walking? Have you wondered how far you ran on your last exercise jog? Many pedometers do this, but what if you wanted to compare these results with what you did yesterday, and the day before? Even if you are not a data-driven runner, the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit puts together a system that enhances your run, power-walk, or just a long walk while in sync with music from your iPod nano.

Fitness and working out will never be the same again. The technology now is remarkable and Nike and Apple have outdone themselves. Even though this system using the Nike + iPod Sport Kit is unique to these companies, more will surely follow. For now, getting to understand the technology will put you miles ahead when other competing products hit the market.

Basically, it’s simple. Put the sensor from your sport kit into your modified Nike shoe. Hook up your iPod. Plug in…and go! Your iPod tracks in detail your exact results. It monitors the calories you have burned in your run. It can tell you how far you ran in distance. You can even set your music to run at a tempo in sync with your run!

This seems unbelievable, since until now, all we have had to use for step counting are unreliable pedometers. The Nike+ iPod Sport Kit has revolutionized the workout routine. Music is a great motivator in your workout. iTunes has done a great job making your favorite tunes available to download into your iPod. But now, you can build a library of songs AND accumulate the details of your actual runs over a period of time…all with your iPod!

Nike apparel is now available that allows you to insert your iPod into little built-in sleeves fit just for the iPod nano. For now, the nano is the only iPod the sport kit is made for. That’s OK though since the sales of the iPod nano have never been stronger. The assumption is that a large majority of people have them and they use them mostly for the purpose of some kind of fitness workout. So, Nike figures you need apparel suited just for this purpose and it’s logical you don’t want to drop or lose your iPod nano. The apparel pockets for the iPod nano also assist in keeping the unit dry during your workout, thus, reducing the likelihood of damage.

Whatever you decide to do about tracking the details of your exact run, remember that Nike and Apple have “written the book” on the technology for the iPod Sport Kit. More will be available from other competitors, but wouldn’t you rather have the real McCoy? has plenty of information about how to download your results, track and analyze your results, and share your results with communities of runners like you. The Nike+ iPod Sport Kit will last and is here to stay!

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