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Ways to Save on Running Gear

Running shouldn’t cost a fortune, yet everywhere we look there’s a pricey accessory guaranteed to make your run easier. While some things such as Nikes might be considered a necessity, often it’s all about the brand, style, or latest fashion. Here are some tips to keep your running expenses at a minimum and still have a healthy, safe run:

Make a list of your bare necessities. For example, good shoes are a must if you want to avoid injuries and make the best time, but fashion trends such as yoga pants are a want, not a need. Keep in mind that if you’re serious about running your comfort zone won’t change but the fashions will, so resist buying clothes for looks instead of practicality.

Don’t impulse buy. If you fall in love with the latest electronic accessory wait a few days or weeks before you purchase and decide if you really want it and if you’ll use it regularly. When you’re ready to buy first check a site such as Groupon to get additional discounts and coupons from retailers such as PacSun to lower your cost before you check out.

Consider shopping at a resale or consignment store for clothing items. Often you can find exactly what you need in a new or gently used version, at a fraction of the original price.

The same goes for electronics: check your neighborhood for a used sports shop and see if they have that fancy counter you’ve been dreaming of. You may find exactly what you want because someone is selling a Christmas gift they’ve never used.

Buy one piece at a time. Sure it’s great to have a running wardrobe that will last enough days so you only have to do laundry once a week, but you don’t need to buy it all at once. Consider purchasing one or two items a week or a month, and you’ll be fully outfitted before you know it.

Remember, if you’re a serious runner you’ll need the proper shoes but that’s about it. A simple pedometer will give you your time and distance; everything else is really a luxury rather than a necessity. Think before you buy, and have a great run!

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