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A Scope Definitely Improves Accuracy

I like to shoot targets and varmints in my backyard. To make it more challenging I use an air rifle instead of an actual rifle. I recently investigated air rifle scopes as a way to improve my aim. Largely it is due to my age and my declining eyesight. I noticed I wasn’t hitting my targets as well, and trying to hit a squirrel or a praire dog was next to impossible! They’re quick little critters and you really need to steady your aim to hit one. Before anyone makes noises about shooting these creatures, down here in Texas they are pests.

If you don’t take these animals down, they cause all sorts of damage to your property and will eventually ruin a lawn. Everyone down here hunts these critters. For the last six months I wasn’t hitting any of them, so you can imagine what my property started to look like. Continue reading

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