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Why American Designers Simply Cannot Get It Right

It happened to me again the other day and my frustration continues to grow.

Imagine a man who innocently walks in a sporting goods store, or perhaps even in a department store, with the sole intention of replacing his running suit which he has worn to shreds, and his wife threatens to throw out when he is not looking.

It is a given that male pride tells him he can find the exact running suit he needs to fit his particular needs without his wife accompanying him.

He edges up to a row of running suits and first looks at material and color. He needs to know if he wants lining in his running suit for colder winter weather or something lighter for hot summer weather.

Color is also important. Being a Michigan State University graduate I understand that a green and white running suit could make an important statement about me as opposed to a maize and blue number that screams the University of Michigan.

One must also be careful about the color green. A light green simply will not do. A British racing green is perfect. The latter is almost impossible to find so usually I settle for a blue and white, two-tone blue or black running suit.

If I were an amateur and not a lifelong athlete then I would purchase the suit and be on my way. Since I competed for Michigan State and continue to be not only a masters (40 and over) but a seniors (50 and over) runner, there is one more critical test to make before the purchase.

Any running suit I buy must have pockets with zippers in the jacket, front pockets with zippers and a back pocket with a zipper in the pants. The operative word here is zippers in case you missed the point. Some suits have fewer pockets and one pocket with Velcro as an afterthought.

When I find another running suit with the exact combination of zippers I want, it will be a miracle similar to Michigan State winning another national championship in football. The probability of this happening in my lifetime is close to zero.

People who design running suits today could not possibly be athletes or people who are interested in safeguarding their valuables. Pockets without zippers allow wallets, money and keys to fly out when running or even sitting in a chair.

What exactly is wrong with designers that they do not create what any sane, athletic man wants and used to get in a running suit? Are the designers all without half a brain in their head, or do they not care enough to make what the consumer needs?

I believe that what has happened in the design industry is that the people who design have been told to cater to a younger buyer who is interested in fashion and not utility. We have millions of kids and young adults running around the country today who want to look athletic and cool but are not athletic or cool.

They are the pawns of the fashion industry who are easily led to slaughter by designers with no other intent than putting out a new fashionable fall color to ring the cash register.

The biggest culprit just might be Nike, you know, the company that does not need to use its name because it has the carefully marketed and branded swoosh to announce its presence.

When I competed at Michigan State, Nike was not even a thought in Phil Knight’s head. It was some years after I graduated that Nike was born and rose to prominence as a store for athletes, especially runners.

Steve Prefontaine was Nike’s only spokesman and symbol. Pre was America’s greatest middle distance runner in his prime and is American’s greatest running legend.

I cannot tell you how saddened I was when I went to Nike’s huge store in Seattle and found only a few pair of actual running shoes, all of the rest were fashion shoes for kids to show off.

Once Nike became serious about manufacturing running apparel things have really gone downhill. I was in Macy’s yesterday looking at Nike running suits and found no zippers or Velcro on any pockets. Everything was made in Thailand and accompanied by an expensive price tag. Good grief!

Nike might as well advertise itself as the fashion wear leader since athletes and runners have been pushed aside to make room for more sales and profits. You would think that some enterprising person would figure out the void and fill it with the product I want and need.

I am disgusted with current running suits and the designers who design them.

I am even more disgusted with Nike and Phil Knight. He competed for the University of Oregon as a runner. He has made millions and apparently donated millions to the Ducks’ athletic program but cannot now even make running suits for runners that have a single zipper to protect valuables.

The Nike Edge in Sports Apparel

Sports apparel from Nike seems to be the most popular around. They provide not only fashionable apparel choices but also garments designed to provide comfort and fit all the time. But the most popular of Nike’s line of sports apparel are the shoes, particularly used in running.

Apart from shoes Nike also offers a selection of comfortable quality sports apparel. There are sports training apparel available that always ensure quality performance and comfort even at the most demanding conditions. Most shirts and upper training apparel from Nike features the Dri-FIT which is a high performance micro-fiber polyester fabric which offers ultimate comfort to the wearer by pulling perspiration away from the body from the body and directs it to the outer fabric surface where it evaporates and maintains the dry and cool effect of the wearer. Sports apparel made of this fabric will be the only garment that you will need on hot days and can be used as the primary garment layer during cold days.

Nike running shoes have become popular because it is the favored exercise program being followed by most people. Running has provided both excellent exercise and stress relief for most people. In order to get the most out of the sport in terms of fitness and comfort, it’s important to have the right running gear that Nike can provide. Most of its shoes employ much technology and research into its manufacture.

A typical pair of Nike shoes can help minimize the brutal forces of every downward impact during running that can wreak some damage to the feet. Nike has instituted an innovative cushioning system specially designed to cushion and provide maximum impact protection while running.

Having the proper running gear should include everything from the right running shoes that you use down to the running apparel that you wear. Most important is that you find the right running shoe that will be able to provide you with the maximum impact protection. Comfort as well as fit also will need to be considered. Different shoes are required with different kinds foot shapes.

You would require different comfort if you have normal, low or high arches. For normal arches, you can look for running shoes that provide stability as well as good cushioning. Runners with low arches would require you to look for motion control shoes that have firm mid-soles to offer greater stability. For those with high arches, they should opt for shoes that offer plenty of cushioning.

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A Company Vision That is Hard to Beat

Few sports equipment manufacturers have created more trends than Nike. Established in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, this public traded Fortune 500 Company became Nike, Inc in 1978. The name is from the Greek goddess of victory which is an apt trademark for a company that has won over the sports public and professionals as Nike has.

By sponsoring high profile athletes and sports teams, Nike has made its “Just do it” slogan a term recognized by sports enthusiasts around the world. The simple Swoosh logo was introduced with the first Nike running shoes in 1972 and is used to this day. For Nike products, the name isn’t necessary as the simple Swoosh clearly states “this is a Nike product”.

The growth of this powerful company has been due to the expansion into various sports in a targeted and effective way. By marketing its products under its own brand name and also marketing through subsidiary companies, the reach of Nike extends worldwide from its US base in Oregon.

The marketing strategy used by Nike positions the brand products as premium quality with superior design. Though once associated with very affordable products, the focus in recent years has moved toward higher end pricing which is marketable due to the high profile of the brand name. What sets Nike apart is the willingness to expand into related markets quickly. A simple ad in print media in 1977 was so successful Nike immediately created a poster featuring the ad. Featuring a runner alone on a country road with the tagline “There is no finish line”, that simple ad led to a new poster business for Nike.

In recent years, Nike has become the sponsor for many of the world’s top athletes and sports teams. With a clothing line as well as footwear and all of the sports equipment and gear to go with them, Nike is a leader in promoting athletic with sales in over 160 countries. Products are sold directly from the manufacturer but also through independent distributors, subsidiary companies and license agreements.

The favorable public view of Nike as a company is promoted by contributing to local and regional sports teams, local distributors who sponsor events in the Nike brand name and the award winning commercials the company has produced over the years. Though there have been complaints about working conditions in some production facilities that might harm the public image of other companies, Nike has been able to address the complaints without suffering harm to their image.

Considerations When Choosing The Perfect Running Shoes

Having a good pair of running shoes is an investment. It is a treasure that will take you to miles and miles of running. You will never regret why you have bought yourself a branded pair of running shoes. It is best that you invest on an expensive one rather than to settle in something that is less. If you buy something that is cheap, the chances of buying a new pair of running shoes might happen every once in a while whereas if you buy a high grade and branded type of running shoes, it may last for a longer period of time.

If you are an athlete, it is always required that you wear the right and proper sports apparel in your chosen sport. Wearing the right apparel keeps you comfortable, makes you move freely and ensures a safe and fun sporting activity. For almost any type of sport, there are specific apparels that an athlete needs to wear. You cannot just wear boxer shorts while running, right? And neither will you be allowed to just wear sneakers while playing golf. Seriously, you need to be properly groomed and show formality when playing any type of sport.

Going back to the perfect running shoes, both men and women have different needs making the shoe companies to create something different that will really meet the demands of runners. The creation of running shoes has become even more sophisticated. Of course, shoe companies would definitely not create footwear that will easily wear out. As of this moment, there are already a number of signature brands of footwear in the market and some are proven to be of high quality and durable. Nike running shoes is just one of most sought after brand of footwear.

If you haven’t got the slightest idea of which shoe is best for you, you need not to worry because there are experts ready to answer your queries. Also, there are shoe tags wherein you can read description of where the shoe is best worn. You can even read reviews and Google the type of shoe that you have been wishing for. The internet has already provided means when it comes to assisting an individual with his needs. One can even purchase shoes through online shopping but it is best if you just visit local stores and personally see the merchandise.

When choosing the perfect running shoe, you need to consider a few things that way you will not regret why you have purchased such. First thing to consider is the degree of comfort. As you all know, shoes protect the feet from getting injuries, from the heat and from bacteria and viruses. It is a must that you know your size well and that it perfectly fits your feet that way you will not experience any difficulty in running or walking. Your budget is another thing to be considered. Branded type of athletic shoes are expensive but as mentioned earlier, it is better to invest on a high quality shoe than to settle for something that is less.

Running is one great activity that gives an individual a healthy and physically fit body. It is just right that you partner your feet with the best running shoes there is.

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